Welcome to www.smallbizsetup.org, where we approach marketing differently. We use a “people-first marketing approach” to help small businesses succeed. We aim to provide actionable, purpose-driven marketing solutions that address and solve your customers’ problems. Learn small business marketing basics and discover how to build a brand that genuinely serves your customers while fostering growth.

Small businesses face unique challenges, but effective marketing can turn these into opportunities. Our people-first marketing approach focuses on practical steps you can take to improve your online presence. Let us show you how to connect with customers on their preferred platforms, use data and compelling content to solve your customers’ problems, and convert leads into loyal customers. We believe in building a robust and relatable brand that employs clever strategies to compete with larger businesses while always putting your customers’ needs first.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Our marketing resources will help you make decisions that truly benefit your customers. Use them to build a strong foundation for your marketing efforts. As your business grows, revisit these guides to stay updated and find new marketing strategies. Keep your focus on your customers’ needs, and let these tools support your small business success.

Our Commitment to Our Readers

We are only successful if we are helping your small business succeed, and for us, that starts with high-quality content. If any of our content has not answered your initial search query, created a positive experience, or if the content has not met your expectations, please contact paul@smallbizsetup.org. We want to hear from you and are committed to improving our resources to better meet your needs. Like, actually!