Accounting Software Cost Comparison Tables (including all QuickBooks’ costs)

We wrote this article because we couldn’t find anything else like it. This article easily compares popular accounting software based on accounting software costs (from smallest and most affordable to largest and most expensive), helping small business owners make informed decisions. We also look closer at QuickBooks’ offerings, comparing their online and desktop pricing options.

Compare Accounting Software Prices

Accounting Software ProductHow Much Does Accounting Software Cost?Accounting Software Cost Summary
Zoho Books$0.00/monthZoho Books offers an impressive array of features at an affordable price, including a free plan for small businesses with modest needs. Its scalability and integration with Zoho’s suite of business tools make it a versatile choice.
Wave$0.00/monthWave provides a compelling option for businesses with basic accounting needs, offering core features for free. However, its advanced features and integration limitations may only satisfy some businesses.
Xero$15.00/monthXero stands out for its ease of use and clean interface, appealing to businesses that value straightforward, effective software. Its limitations on the entry-level plan regarding bills and invoices may be a drawback for some businesses.
FreshBooks$19.00/monthFreshBooks is ideal for freelancers and small businesses that prioritize invoicing and project management. While it offers great features for its target audience, it may not be as well-suited for businesses with more complex accounting needs.
QuickBooks Online (Simple Start)$30.00/monthQuickBooks Online (Simple Start) is known for its scalability and extensive feature set, making it a solid choice for many small businesses, like ours ( Its popularity among accountants and integration capabilities are significant advantages, though the cost may be a barrier for some.
Sage 50 Accounting$59.00/monthSage 50 Accounting is geared towards businesses that prefer desktop software with robust features, particularly in inventory and job costing. Its higher cost and might limit its appeal to a specific segment of the small business market.

Note: The information in this table is based on general features and may vary based on specific plan details or updates from the software providers.

Having explored a range of pricing options suitable for small businesses, we now turn our attention to a more focused comparison. QuickBooks, a leading name in accounting software (and a product we use internally here at, offers a variety of products tailored to meet diverse needs. QuickBooks provides a spectrum of options for freelancers, new small businesses, and established enterprises.

Compare QuickBooks Products by Price

QuickBooks ProductHow Much Does Accounting Software Cost?QuickBooks Accounting Software Cost Summary
QuickBooks Self-Employed (Online)$20.00/monthQuickBooks Self-Employed (Online): Tailored for freelancers and independent contractors, this version simplifies tax management by offering quarterly tax estimation and deduction tracking features, making tax preparation less daunting.
QuickBooks Simple Start (Online)$30.00/monthQuickBooks Simple Start (Online): Ideal for small businesses needing basic financial management tools. It integrates seamlessly with banks and third-party apps, allowing for real-time financial tracking and simplifying overall financial management.
QuickBooks Essentials (Online)$60.00/monthQuickBooks Essentials (Online): Suited for businesses that engage in international transactions, Essentials allows for bill management and multi-currency handling, adding a layer of versatility for growing businesses.
QuickBooks Plus (Online)$90.00/monthQuickBooks Plus (Online): Designed for service-based businesses, Plus includes project profitability tracking, enabling businesses to closely monitor the financial health of individual projects.
QuickBooks Advanced (Online)$200.00/monthQuickBooks Advanced (Online): Offers advanced features like custom user permissions and enhanced custom reporting, catering to businesses requiring detailed financial analysis and specific control over user access.
QuickBooks Pro (Desktop)$399.99 (one-time)QuickBooks Pro (Desktop): Provides comprehensive tools for inventory and vendor management, including creating purchase orders and vendor management, making it a robust platform for businesses preferring desktop access.
QuickBooks Premier (Desktop)$649.99 (one-time)QuickBooks Premier (Desktop): Features industry-specific tools and reports for sectors like nonprofit, manufacturing & wholesale, and retail, offering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of these industries.
QuickBooks Enterprise (Desktop)$1,410/yearQuickBooks Enterprise (Desktop): Supports extensive inventory management features such as bin tracking and barcode scanning, ideal for businesses with significant inventory needs. It also offers scalability, supporting up to 40 users.
QuickBooks Accountant (Desktop)Pricing variesQuickBooks Accountant (Desktop): Includes tools specifically for accountants, such as batch transaction processing and advanced reporting, facilitating efficient management of multiple clients. The Accountant Toolbox enhances accessibility to critical tools from any client’s QuickBooks.

Note: The information in this table is based on general features and may vary based on specific plan details or updates from the software providers.

Price significantly influences the choice of accounting software for small businesses. Free options like Wave cater to basic needs, while comprehensive solutions like QuickBooks Online and Xero are priced to offer scalability. Consider your business’s specific needs and budget to select the most suitable accounting software.

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